About Us

Wake and Our Story

Wake is a UK based coffee start up comprised of two best mates, Connor and Alex alongside and a team of experienced roasters with the goal of delivering barista quality coffee to the everyday coffee drinker. You order, we roast and post - meaning you getting the freshest, most aromatic and tasty coffee possible.

At least, that’s our official ‘mission statement’... in reality we are a couple of mates who love coffee and want to share Wake Coffee with as many people as possible. I’ve also always thought ‘mission statement’ makes us sound like secret agents… Which we’re not...

Anyway, Connor is the creative one and is the genius behind most of our social media. He occasionally grows a big ginger beard and runs, swims, cycles in triathlons. In a former life he used to be an artist - although according to Henry Moore  “There’s no retirement for an artist”. 

I’m Alex and I’m the one who got stuck writing this thing. I’m pretty good with numbers, interested in all things entrepreneurial and will complain profusely if I have to run anything over 100m. 

Then there is our team of roasters, led by Simon and Mick, who have decades of experience selecting the finest single origin coffee beans, designing the tastiest blends and have roasting down to a fine art. 

Together we have built Wake Coffee, a brand that focuses on the three values that for us, are the most important. Flavour, emotion and social. 


We were once told “The best coffee is the one you like the most” and we completely agree. 

Some people prefer smoky, bitter flavours while others might like fruity, floral tones. 

So the Wake Coffee range of blends caters for all, with a couple of stand out single origins coffees thrown in the mix for good measure. 


Experiencing coffee, with all the aromas and flavours often brings back memories or strong emotions.

That beautiful first sip in the morning, the relieved sigh that accompanies your afternoon cup, the determination to power you through your workout… 

The Wake coffee blends were inspired by and built around these emotions.


The solitary coffee will always have a place in our hearts however we know that the best brews are shared with others. 


Although lockdown might have closed the coffee shops, you can still get your favourite Wake coffee delivered to enjoy at home with friends and family, over video calls, or perhaps you can reinvent the ‘coffee shop date’ from the comfort of your own home.